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The most popular CAT mobiles today include the CAT S60, CAT B30, CAT S41, CAT S31, CAT B25.
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Best Selling CAT Mobile Phone Deals

CAT S60 deals CAT S60
EE Unlimited + 3GB at £27.99
 CAT S60 deals CAT S60
EE Upgrade Unlimited + 1GB at £32.99
 CAT S60 deals CAT S60
EE Unlimited + 5GB at £27.99
 CAT S41 deals CAT S41
EE 300 + Unlimited + 300MB at £14.99
CAT B30 deals CAT B30
EE Upgrade 500 + Unlimited + 500MB at £25.49
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 CAT S41 deals CAT S41
EE Unlimited + 1GB at £17.99
 CAT S60 deals CAT S60
Vodafone Unlimited + 1GB at £40
£216.00 Cashback
 CAT B30 deals CAT B30
EE Upgrade Unlimited + 1GB at £22.99
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CAT Mobile Phones

CAT B25 dealsCAT B30 dealsCAT S30 dealsCAT S31 dealsCAT S41 dealsCAT S60 deals

Latest News for CAT

Caterpillar CAT S50 Rugged Tough Phone Gets Contract Tariffs

Caterpillar’s latest flagship smart phone is their toughest to date, upgrading the previous B15 & B15Q the new CAT S50 is IP67 rated dustproof and water proof whilst also having a scratch resistant screen and is able to withstand being dropped repeatedly … ideal for builders and extreme sports people alike! Tariffs Launched for the CAT S50 Contract […] Read more

CAT B15Q (B-15-Q) Deals – Go Tough, Dust & Waterproof with CAT’s Android Phone

If you want a tough, rugged smart phone that doesn’t sacrifice on features then CAT have the answer, introducing the new CAT B15Q, the highest specification Android ‘tough phone’ to walk the earth! CAT B15 Q Deals Now available in the UK, the CAT B 15 Q now has contract deals on Vodafone, T-Mobile & […] Read more

Cat B15Q, toughest KitKat-powered smartphone in the world, costs around £318 in Europe

The Cat B15Q is the toughest Android 4.4 (KitKat)-powered smartphone ever built. It can remain operational at subzero temperatures of up to -25°C and smoldering temperatures of up to 55 °C. It can survive a drop from 1.8 meters and is water and dust resistant. Now the device is being sold for around £318 in […] Read more

CAT B15Q is the first ?rugged KitKat smartphone?

Looking for the ultimate rugged smartphone that runs the latest version of Android and top of the line specs? Look no further. The first ?rugged KitKat smartphone,? the CAT B15, is here. Speaking about performance, CAT says, ?The World’s FIRST Globally Available Rugged KitKat smartphone incorporates the latest operating system and a faster Quadcore processor […] Read more

CAT B15 smartphone run over by 4.6 ton CAT 277D and survives

These days, today?s flagships are all about toughness. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony XPERIA Z2 can be submerged in water and survive. But can they survive being run over by a 4.6 ton CAT 277D Multi Terrain Loader? The IP67 certified, mil-spec 810G CAT B15 can. Hit play to watch the video below. When […] Read more

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