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About Us

Phones LTD was established in 2002 to provide online shoppers with the most comprehensive mobile phones price comparison service in the UK.

We operate differently to other services by showing every single available deal from our retail partners with no filters guaranteeing our visitors can see and compare every single price and deal for every single phone model.

Along with a large selection of cash back contract deals we also collate a substantial number of pay monthly deals that include a wide range of free gifts which in most cases are delivered with the customers new phone.

What makes us unique from other mobile phone 'price comparison' websites?

We do not use sliders to filter the deals in our database, this is extremely important because as easy as they might be to use you may miss the exact deal to suit your requirements.

We show only the cheapest possible deal for every single tariff on our product pages rather than all available deals which just confuses consumers, however our visitors can easily 'drill down' to see all of the available deals with more expensive prices for their chosen tariff by simply clicking on 'All deals on this tariff'.

We do not manipulate any deals from one retailer over another based on how much commission they are paying us.

We are completely transparent when showing the 'Most Popular Deals', these are the most user clicked offers tracked by our database and are shown above the entire range of deals available.

How to use our price comparison service

On each of our product pages underneath the main phone description, specifications and review you'll find all of the latest prices on all of the available networks. But just before this is a list of available networks that that specific phone is available on which when clicked will take the user to all deals on that network.

The first set of deals known as 'Most Popular Deals Today' are simply the most clicked deals for that specific model of phone and help our users determine which tariffs are the more sought after.

The second set of deals are for the most clicked deals that include a free gift, where free gifts are not available for a specific phone model this will not show. Users can also use the left hand buttons (just underneath the phone image) to select all free gifts with that phone.

The remaining boxes of deals are for each individual network (in alphabetical order), these are laid out simply in order of the monthly line rental prices (starting with the cheapest tariffs) and only show the cheapest available price from all of our partners on the right hand side above the 'See Deal' button that takes you to that specific deal on their website.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and allow users to 'drill down' further than this by selecting 'See all deals on this tariff', this then displays all available offers from all retailers in order of overall price (cheapest first). This also allows consumers to choose to buy from a different retailer to the one that we have listed as cheapest if the overall prices are matched based on their own preference.

Finally, at the bottom of each product page underneath all of the deals boxes are what we class as 'similar models' (these are based on colour and name rather than specifications) and a full list of the free gifts available with the that particular phone model (which is where you are taken when you click on the 'Free Gifts' button at the top of the page).

We also show a full list of all of our partners at the bottom of each page and users can simply select to visit their websites and search for deals directly.

About Phones LTD

Phones LTD is the name of this website and is owned and operated by VTO3 LTD, our professionals have been involved within the mobile phones industry for over 13 years, from high street retail and B2B account management through to present day mobile phones price comparison services.

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